Bullock is putting more cash in the pockets of private prisons at the expense of recovering women

Steve Bullock is a Democrat, or better know throughout the virtue signaling community as, “the party for women.” However, Governor Bullock doesn’t seem none too friendly to women as of late; especially women who are in the midst of a trauma recovery treatment.

Oddly, after touring the Riverside Recovery and Re-Entry Program almost a year-and-a-half ago and showering the program with accolades, Bullock decided to shutter the program and send the women in the program who were receiving trauma rehab packing.

Shutting down a highly successful, “cutting-edge” treatment plan as quickly as Bullock did is highly unusual, if not unprecedented. How quick was the decision to close the program made? Pretty quickly as the Superintendent only learned of the facility closing 5 days prior. Cindy McKenzie, a former high-ranking member of the Department of Corrections, quit after the decision because , to her, the closing was “the last straw” in a series of poor decision-making by the departments top management.

Bullock claimed that the decision was a fiscally responsible move that would save the Department of Corrections $2.7 Million Dollars. Bullock wasn’t alone in his desire to close the facility, as current Dept. of Corrections head, Reg Michael was also behind the plan.

The $2.7 Million in savings seems a bit dubious, and here’s why:

The (riverside) facility will now undergo a $550,000 retrofitting —money will be from the state’s “long-range building fund”, and NOT the Corrections Department budget. The state will now stop rehabbing trauma/addict women offenders at a state-run program; instead just jailing and bailing them back out to society. Also, Why are we closing the (already fitted) Lewistown facility for these ‘chronically ill’ prisoners? If they’re dying, why specially re-fit and build the same stuff in a building that you just kicked a working program out of? Lastly, the Women’s facility employed 23 People, while the new infirmary only employs 9. A net loss of 14 jobs.

I wonder if the loss of trauma recovery services for over 20 women by the hands of Governor Bullock has made it back to the DNC leadership for comment? After all, they don’t want Bullock besmirching the good name of the “party of women.”

Gov. Steve Bullock Only Seems to Care About Women that He Can Seduce

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