McLean’s sudden departure raised eyebrows, but the real reason she left was likely swept under the rug

On November 30, 2015, Montana’s Lt. Gov. Angela McLean announced to reporters that she was accepting a job in the Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education beginning on Jan 4, 2016, a mere five weeks into the future.

Normally, this kind of transition wouldn’t cause much more than a ripple; for a Lt. Governor, much like a Vice-President, is not the office that really makes the headlines. An oddity in this case, however, needs special note.

Tim Crowe, Governor Steve Bullock’s spokesman at the time, as much as admitted that Bullock only found out about his No. 2’s pending departure on Nov. 30, or that very same day. Let that sink in. After more than 20 months of service, Lt. Gov. Angela McClean quits her post and announces that she has accepted a new position in Higher Education, within hours of each other.

These kind of snap decisions usually only happen after some sort of “incident.” Usually, a falling-out or other irreconcilable difference that cannot be resolved. In the case of Angela McClean, the reason may be more… shall we say… revealing?

At the time of the incident, the buzz around Helena was that McClean walked in on Governor Bullock while he was doing the “wild thing” with one of his cabinet members. Bullock, not known for his fidelity, would seem right at home “getting some” while not at home. Was the cabinet member Meg O’ Leary? A curios tweet appeared shortly thereafter which makes one wonder.

There was a personal e-mail released by Bullock’s office that McClean sent to Bullock after a meeting in which she wrote,

“Just FYI. I am deeply concerned about the environment in which I am expected to work.”

-Montana Lt. Governor-Angela McClean

The story of Angela McClean is not new, but it will help to establish a foundation of corruption, malfeasance and all around bad behavior by those who roam the halls in the highest levels of Montana Government.

The Curious Case of Angela McLean
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