Llew Jones – The Man Pulling the Strings

The numerous distractions that we face on a daily basis provide an excellent source of cover for those elected officials who would rather enrich themselves, in a variety of ways, than serve the populace who elected them.

There is no better example of this than Llew Jones; who will, once again, sit on the House Appropriations Committee in the upcoming 2019 legislative session in Helena.

For Llew, this will be his second stint on the House Appropriations Committee; the first being in the 2009-2010 legislative session. When one looks at Llew’s lucrative history as a member of Appropriations, any mystery as to why he wanted the position will disappear in an instant.

Why Do People Close to Llew Jones Seem to Benefit the Most?

I have included a link below to the only article that covered the open and successful procurement by Jones of $475,00 from the state Stimulus bill; $300,000 of which enriched Llew Jones personally. I have provided a recap below.

In 2010, Jones:

  • proposed a amendment out of the state stimulus bill to carve out $475,000 for a ‘biomass energy study’

He then:

  • has his wife create/organize a company (called ‘Porter Bench Biomass, LLC ) 
  • This only TWO WEEKS after the stimulus bill was passe

Then, when the bid time came up, guess who won it? 

  • ‘Porter Bench Biomas, LLC’ received $300,000 to do the study 
  • To salt it all away, it seems, from initial review, that the LLC simply outsourced the actual work to other companies. And, as a cherry-on-top, guess who received be rest of the money? ($175,000) Northwestern Energy. A top Llew Jones campaign contributor

“E-mails obtained by The Associated Press show that Jones was also actively contemplating starting a company to get that money.”

It’s worth noting that Llew has all of the experience and knowledge necessary to appropriate funds. Unfortunately, some of those funds get appropriated to Llew’s family and friends. Much, much more to come on Llew Jones, so stay tuned.

Original Article Here

Here’s the $300,000 report from 2010 “Porter Bench Energy, LLC “ 


Here’s a inter-government report, mentioning the $300,000 reward (on page 6) 


The Last Time Llew Jones Sat on the Appropriations Committee, He Funneled 300K to His Wife
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  • January 3, 2019 at 7:48 pm

    The citizens of Montana need to get behind our part and fight this corrupt form of government.

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