Llew Jones – The Man Pulling the Strings

Conrad, Montana legislator, Llew Jones might consider adopting the moniker “Lucky Llew” as the 2019 legislative session gets underway in January.

Why would the long-time legislator and Republican stalwart do such a thing, one may ask? Well, since Llew has managed to find himself on the House Appropriations Committee once again, the “luck” that found him and his son in the past is sure to make another appearance, if we know Llew Jones.

Just how “lucky” is Llew and his kin? That would be the next obvious question, and one we will continue to explore and report on regularly here at Capitol Whispers. For now, let us go back again to the last time Llew was on Appropriations in 2009-2010; and how his son’s company benefited directly.

NorthWestern Energy to acquire 24-MW wind project from Invenergy

Overall this 2011 headline seems pretty innocuous, and under normal circumstances it likely would be. However, we have learned here at Capitol Whispers that nothing, and I mean nothing, that Llew Jones is involved in is what you would call innocuous or made available by happenstance. Not with Llew.

So, NorthWestern Energy acquires a wind project from a company called Invenergy in 2011. Now, in what is likely a mere coincidence, the fellow in charge of project oversight was a fellow named Aaron Jones, who is the son of our protagonist and man pulling the strings, Llew Jones. Why was Aaron Jones in charge of project oversight for Invenergy? Because Aaron Jones was in their employment.

Let’s not omit the last and most important fact in this narrative. Llew Jones was on the House Appropriations Committee when the money for the wind project was granted by the MT state legislature. Do you find it odd that Invenergy, Aaron Jones employer, won the bid for the Wind Energy Project, or do you just find it “lucky?”

Take a look at our earlier article about how Llew’s wife cashed-in

As Llew takes his position on the Appropriations Committee, let’s see if he is “lucky” enough this time around to get a wind farm on his very own Jones Ranch. Our sources tell us that he’s trying.

Llew Jones is One Lucky Guy…His Family, too
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