People all over Helena wore their shocked face today as legislator Llew Jones thinks that he found a loophole that voids term limits

Montana legislator, Llew Jones is a skilled political operator and the real man pulling the strings behind most of the “below-board” activity going on in Helena and beyond; at least according to our extensive research. In fact, we’re quite certain that you will be amazed at just how many pies Llew Jones has his hand in as we continue to release the voluminous amount of information that we have already collected. But, I digress.

In Montana, as in the case of many states, there are term-limits for various offices of the Executive and Legislative Branches, respectively. The reason that we have these term-limits in place is because the citizens of Montana know all too well that this state has a rich history of corruption; most of it political. Term-limits greatly reduce the chance of any one individual or group gaining a block of power and exercising undue influence over the political process for years and years, but more on that in a later article.

Llew Jones, being a skilled and seasoned political operative, is well aware of the current term-limits and also knows that he’s coming up against his limit soon. However, for Llew Jones that presents a big problem because without his position in the legislature his income will take a substantial hit; this despite the fact that Llew Jones has over 30 corporations in his name and even more if you include his wife. An article on Llew’s many corporations will also be published soon.

So what does a guy like Llew Jones do when the going gets tough? Well, he cheats and looks for a loophole, of course. And, this time is no different. The word around the watercooler is that Llew is going to challenge the current laws surrounding term-limits, despite the fact that the Montana voter has made it clear that term-limits are what they want as far back as 1992. Llew wants you to believe that once the 16 year window has expired, one can “reset the clock” and start another 16 year run.

For a person like Llew Jones, who has literally made a fortune while in “public service,” the thought of the gravy train ending well overrides the will of the people. After all, Llew Jones, as we will see, has a whole network of associates who rely on his position, and the influence that comes with it.

Llew Jones Seems Like a Wannabe Dictator
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One thought on “Llew Jones Seems Like a Wannabe Dictator

  • January 2, 2019 at 5:51 pm

    Excellent Site. Keep up the good work. It’s being shared at this critical time in our states politics, just going into a contentious legislative session. One possible suggestion, maybe have a Montana section and then then U.S. Federal things separate. Thanks for what you do- bringing sunlight, the best disinfectant.

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