New Montana Whistleblower Website, Capitol Whispers Has Set Helena On Fire As They Smash All Previous Records for Website Visitors in Their Very 1st Week!



There is no real way for us to know if the headline for this article is actually true, however we have received over 5000 hits on the website in our 1st week.  Not a record for sure, but damn good in our book.  The reason I used that particular headline was that I wanted you to click on the link so that I could share with you what I really wanted to tell you.  If you’re reading this sentence, I guess it worked.  Before you get angry, remember that this website admittedly uses satire, at times.

What I really wanted to tell you is that about 2 hours after we opened our Whistleblower page the tips started to roll in.  It appears that the good people of Montana are fed-up, and they are not shy about expressing their discontent, or their tips.

Starting later today, we will be publishing the results of our research based upon the tips that we have received so far.  To find those specific articles, click the hyper link that says, “news from our tip-line” under the Whistleblower tab on the menu.  On some of the articles, we will be asking for your help because the topic is too big for us alone.  Rest assured, all names and e-mail will be kept in strict confidence.


Again, keep visiting the website today as we will be publishing our first article based upon the results of our tip-line entitled, Does Monica Lindeen Prove That Crime Does Pay?

In the words of the legendary Bartles and Jaymes, “Thank you for your support.”



Capitol Whispers Smashes Previous Record for Website Visitors in 1st Week!
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