From laundering money, to paying for his campaign staff, Montana’s Unions have a cozy, seemingly criminal relationship with the”Honorable” Steve Bullock



While we are working on the final details of our article about Monica Lindeen, I wanted to drop some information to our readers and ask them for help.  We received a tip about the Special Session that occurred in 2017, at which Governor Bullock made huge, painful cuts to the rural health providers; essentially causing tremendous suffering to our most weak and vulnerable here in Montana.  Below is an excerpt from US News:


…the hard-hit Department of Public Health and Human Services, which cut more than $49 million and left hundreds of jobs unfilled.

To meet those cuts, health officials reduced the reimbursement rate for Medicaid providers like nursing homes and assisted-living facilities, and ended contracts with four organizations that provided case management services to people with developmental disabilities.

-US News July, 2018


Of course, the Special Session from 2017 is old news.  What we are now learning, and what has just been shared with us recently, is that the reason Governor Bullock chose rural locations to make the majority of the cuts is that those locations have few, if any, UNION members.  We were told to compare the number of union members who were not punished by the cuts to the number of non-union members who were punished by the cuts and the results will be clear.  What our tip also outlined is that Governor Bullock was directly threatened by the unions that if he made union cuts in or around the large population centers that the unions would cease funding for him.

This is a huge issue that appears to be statewide, and we need your help.  We have a small staff by newspaper standards and are already somewhat overwhelmed by the amount of investigative possibilities that lay before us.  Do ANY reporters in Helena or across this state do ANY investigating?  We ask ourselves that a lot.

We are asking you, the reader, to help us out with this issue.  It is nearly impossible for us to follow and verify each lead, so if you have done any of your own investigating about the 2017 budget cuts and the union’s involvement in them, or your family was caught-up in Governor Bullock’s cow-tow to union bosses, we want to hear from you.  Please click HERE and you will be taken to the page for tips.  Your information will now, and forevermore, be kept in complete confidence.

Oh, and the part about the unions laundering money for Bullock and also paying for his campaign staff.  That’s a preview of coming attractions, as both of those topics will be covered soon here on Capitol Whispers



From the Tip-line: Rural Providers Suffer as Bullock Proves to Be the Union’s Tool
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