From violating campaign rules, to advocating that her second in command openly campaign for Jesse Laslovich on state time, it seems like Monica Lindeen is a perfect fit to head the criminally-minded Democrat Party



At Capitol Whispers, it makes no matter if you’re a DemoRat or Republiscam, if you’re crooked we’re going to out you.  Today, the subject of our investigation is a DemoRat, but there are plenty of Republiscams who have our attention and will be featured in upcoming articles.  The following article resulted from a tip sent to Capitol Whispers.

As you may have heard, Monica Lindeen was just named Executive Director of the Montana Democrat Party.  To us, it looks like Lindeen is being rewarded for her loyalty to the Party, up to and including breaking the law.

To start, Lindeen violated campaign rules in 2012 by missing the filing deadline.  But rules are for Conservatives in Montana’s political system, so there was no surprise when it was allowed and she went on to win the election.

However, the questions surrounding Lindeen don’t end there.  In the course of our investigation, we came across a couple of items of note that raised our curiosity here at Capitol Whispers, and we wanted to pass them along to you for your discernment.

We found it odd that Lindeen’s second in command, Lynn Egan, received a raise during a government-wide salary freeze.  Was it because of her treasurer work for the campaigns of her coworkers in the State Auditor’s Office that she was granted that raise? Why would that campaign work bill be absorbed by the Montana taxpayers?

They wouldn’t do that because that would be illegal, or would they?

Lets us take a moment to reference a court case a couple years back involving both Lindeen and Eagan.  The case was ‘State of Montana vs Himes’, the filing of which can be found by clicking HERE.

Below are excerpts from the depositions in the aforementioned Montana vs. Himes case.  Contained within said depositions is proof that Lynn Eagan was doing work for both Monica Lindeen and Jesse Laslovich’s campaign in office; albeit her being paid for that time by the Montana Taxpayer, in her position as Deputy Commissioner. And why, we ask, did she receive a substantial ($9,000/year) raise during the statewide salary freeze?

The link to the 33 count complaint that was largely ignored by OPP can be found by clicking HERE.

Below are excerpts from depositions filed in the State of Montana vs Himes Case.  Please keep in mind that all deponents are under oath, and subject to perjury if found to be lying.

Deposition of Deputy Commissioner, Lynne Eagan by Defense Attorney Matthew Monforton

MM:Have you ever received any preferential treatment from this office?

LE: I don’t know what that would be.

MM: I’ll be a little more specific.

LE: Yeah.

MM: Have you received a raise since the time in which you began conducting activities for either Laslovich’s campaign or Ms. Lindeen’s campaign?

LE: I did get a raise last year.  I don’t know exactly when I got it. And I got a raise so I made the same base pay as the deputy insurance commissioner


Deposition of Roberta Crossguns, Attorney for the Auditor’s Office by Defense Attorney Matthew Monforton

MM: Can you think of other instances when Lynne has used state time or state equipment to perform private work?

RC: Well, there were lots of times when –when she was doing the expert stuff where she would be on the phone and — you know, if — if he couldn’t reach her on her cell phone, he would call her office here. There were — you know, when John Morrison was here — and certainly, now, with Monica and Jesse both — she’s acted as the treasurer for their campaigns.  I know that contributions have come through the front door. I know that — unfortunately, most recently, she couldn’t wait to tell me that she had gotten a significant raise. This is during a time when there’s a freeze on pay increases for state employees. And she’s not exempt. She is a classified employee. And she got this significant raise about the same time she took on the duties of treasurer for Monica Lindeen and Jesse Laslovich

MM: What kind of activities are you aware of that  Ms. Egan performed for Ms. Lindeen’s campaign using either state time, state premises, or state equipment?  If you know.

RC: I don’t know, other than the treasurer position that she had. I know that occasionally a check would come through the front door and land on her desk. I didn’t personally see who the check was from, but she would say, “Oh, this is for Monica,”  and stick it in the drawer and not worry about it.  And, you know, those seem pretty minor. I think the thing that bothered me the most was the — the raise that she got, because there was no change in her duties. There was no real reason for a significant, as she described it, raise other than becoming the treasurer.


Deposition of Alan Ludwig (Secretary?) by Defense Attorney Matthew Monforton

MM: Did you ever observe or hear of Ms. Egan conducting political activity on state property or on state time?

AL: Can you define political activity?

MM: Yeah.  Let me — let me rephrase that question.

MM: Did you ever see or hear of Ms. Egan doing work on behalf of either Ms. Lindeen’s campaign or Mr. Laslovich’s campaign while on state property or on state time?

AL: Yes.

MM: Tell me what — tell me about those

AL: Lynne was in a meeting one day.  Kate Lawler who works at the front desk, L-a-w-l-e-r, called me and said a man was up front for Lynne Egan, he had something for her. And I said, She’s in a meeting. She said, Yeah, I know, but he has something for her. And I went up there and it was  a gentleman whose last name was Funk and he had a check for Jesse Laslovich’s campaign that he was going to give to Lynne Egan. He explained that to me, he had the check in his hand –

MM: I’m sorry.  Mr. Funk explained that to  you?

AL: Yes.  And said, Give this to Jesse, and I asked Kate for an envelope because it seemed strange to have a check I was taking back to Lynne addressed to Jesse.  And she put it in the envelope and I took it back and left it on Lynne’s desk and notified her when she was done with her meeting


Did Lynne Eagan campaign for Monica Lindeen while being paid by the Montana taxpayer?  It certainly seems that way.  We should be able to just go to the OPP investigation and take a look, but there was no OPP investigation.

If you have any additional information that will add to this article, please go to our Whistleblower page and drop us a note.

From the Tip-line: Has Monica Lindeen Proven That Crime Does Pay?

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