Representative Eric Moore is trying to cut back-room deals for Pre-k.  His Wife, Lea, works at Let Me Shine Preschool, which would directly benefit from her husband’s efforts.



UPDATE: We are learning that while Moore was back visiting his constituents in Miles City he let it be known that he was dealing with Steve Bullock on Medicaid Expansion.  At one time stating that a ‘vote-trade-off’’ (with Governor Bullock) concerning Medicaid expansion was a ‘good idea ‘,because ‘…we can use the governor’s Medicaid expansion as leverage …’

Prompting a woman from the audience to verbally rail back, pointing out that, ‘Montanans had recently rejected I-185.  She went on, saying, ‘,..(we were) telling  you we did not want Medicaid expansion! And you’re going to make a deal with the governor to bring it to us?’

We are also learning that Eric Moore and Steve Bullock had attended a conference about Pre-K together showing that the two have had close dealings together before.  We are working to further verify all of these tips now


It’s becoming painfully obvious that Miles City Representative, Eric Moore is a Llew Jones acolyte and lapdog for the “Honorable” Steve Bullock.  Perhaps Bullock promised Moore greater access when the “Honorable” one makes his lame, doomed-to-fail bid for POTUS in 2020?  Perhaps Moore is beholden to Llew Jones because after numerous failed attempts to get a loan with business partner, and current Montana Senator, Ryan Osmundson, Moore and Osmundson spent a weekend with Llew Jones and secured a business loan shortly thereafter (more to come on that in later reports)?  We’re not sure of Representative Moore’s motives, we’re just certain that they are unpure and aligned with the “Honorable” one, Steve Bullock.

The main point at issue here is the expansion of Pre-K education in Montana’s schools.  This particular legislation would serve 2 purposes for the Democrats by one, facilitating the hiring of many more union teachers and second, it would ensure that all children get on the Socialistic, public school indoctrination train, so they can ride the rails from cradle to grave.

And, as an added bonus, Moore’s wife, Lea, would indirectly benefit as her employer, Let Me Shine Preschool, would financially gain with increased funding into their educational programs.

Wait one minute.  That sounds like a move right out of the Llew Jones play book.  You know, the part where you introduce legislation and your wife benefits just like Llew Jones did?  That’s right, Jones funneled 300K to his wife while in the Montana Legislature.  You can read about it yourself by clicking HERE.

So, the real question becomes is Eric Moore in the pocket of Llew Jones, Steve Bullock or both?  We will let you, our fine readers, decide for yourselves.

We do know one thing, participating in Montana Politics sure creates some interesting bedfellows.


From the Tip-Line: It Appears that Helena Has Its Very Own Version of Monty Hall-UPDATED!
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