With his rigorous travel schedule, you have to wonder if Steve Bullock has time to do the work of the good people of Montana



Our governor’s salary is $108,167. That’s roughly $296.35 a day.

Are we, in Montana, getting our money’s worth?

From what we found, it seems that Governor Steve Bullock spent somewhere in the range of 37-61 days out of state in 2018 alone. That, if using the pay grade numbers given above, works out to be somewhere between $10,965- $18,078, paid by Montana state tax payers.

Concerning his days spent out-of-state, Governor Bullock was attending to all sorts of business. From attending Democratic fund-raisers, to making speeches to the crowds at various National Governor Association events, to soapboxing for his cousin during the last elections; Bullock sure does get around.

Here’s what we found:

December 6th, 2018– Weekend in Las Vegas on behalf of the National Governor Association, speaking about his NGA initiative.

November 30th– Spent 4-6 days in Mexico City, meeting with Mexican governors and businesses, as well as meeting the President of Mexico.

November 19thColorado Springs for a few days, where he  speaks at the NGA’s Seminar for New Governors.

Nov. 6th– Following the election, Bullock met with possible Democratic donors at various events in New York .

October 27th– Visited his cousin on the campaign trail in Iowa for a couple of days.

September 27th– Spent a day in Cleveland, Ohio, supporting Democratic leaders before elections, and getting his face out there in one of our nation’s early-Presidential-primary states.

September 12th– Had a late week workshop to attend in Pittsburgh for his NGA Governor’s Initiative.

August 24th– Living it up for a few days in New Hampshire, Bullock went to the Puritan Back-room restaurant, a “must stop for White House hopefuls”, attended a Democratic fund-raiser in the Hamptons, and headlined a Democratic canvassing-kickoff party.

August 16th– Seen for his second time in 2018, Steve was soapboxing in Iowa at the state fair.

July 21st-25th – Headed off to warm weather for a good part of the week, for an NGA meeting in New Mexico.

June 29th –Jet-setting back to the east coast, to Washington, D.C. for NGA Global meeting.

May 4th-6thWashington, D.C. North American Subnational NGA Summit

April 30th– Speaking in Beverly Hills, at a multi-day global gathering held by the Milken Institute .

April 6th– Spent a few days in Iowa, where potential presidential candidates dutifully make appearances.

March 7th– Spent a single day in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to attend a fund-raiser for state senate democrats.

March 6th Back again in Washington D.C. Bullock attended a meeting with other governors and President Trump on school safety.

Feb.23rd-26th– Away for the annual NGA winter meeting in Washington D.C..

Jan 12th– A couple days in Las Vegas, speaking at the State of the States symposium.


Really Governor?  Do you think you might stop campaigning for POTUS and do the work that the people of Montana pay you for?  We’re not holding our breath…

Governor, O’ Governor, Where Art Thou?
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