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Editor’s Note: This is an article that we are re-printing with permission from a Conservative Montana blog called, Northwest Liberty News.  Although they lean quite a bit farther right than we do on most everything, this appears to be a bona fide investigative report.  That being said, we, too, are aware of voter fraud inside and outside of the Native American reservations, and are delighted to know that others are investigating it also.


By Candace Whitelight                    Northwest liberty News


  1. The results of the election this mid-term were fairly clear. The Democrats had to win the Senate seat and re-elect Jon Tester for a third term Senator. They went about it with a will bringing in large money Total spent: $17,946,600.61. The Associated Press reports that, at one point in this election cycle, Tester had received more money from lobbyists than anyone else in Congress. Tester’s Republican rival, Matt Rosendale, told backers recently that his campaign was functioning “hand to mouth” and had been “outspent by millions of dollars.”
  2. The large cities of Missoula, Great Falls, Bozeman, Butte and Helena all were won by Tester as well as every Native American Reservation which number at 5 large and 2 smaller areas in Eastern Montana.
  3. The total population of Montana at the 2010 Census was 989,415 and as of 2018 over 712,000 registered to vote and 497,393 ballots were cast in 2018. The amazing thing is that 369,000 voted with absentee ballots. That is a whopping 70% of the registered voters having voted and 74% of those voting sent in their ballots via the absentee ballot system.
  4. To state this is virtually impossible is putting it mildly. No election prior to this election was even close.
  5. The DNC had a very good reason for pursuing Montana as Tester is a solid voter for every Democrat issue. Particularly in regards to Immigration Reform. Trump won by a 20% margin in 2016. And came here 4 times during the election cycle to large enthusiastic crowds! As well as VP Pence and Donald Jr.
  6. The Tribal vote is also over 60% for Democrats over many years of statistics and quite possibly are coerced to vote and told to sign Ballots and are filled in by others. (Elaine Willman resource).
  7. Ballots are also gathered in advance at events and door to door by Democrat operatives and bundled for counting if needed. Many of these are Ballots where the names are false the whereabouts unknown and the people dead or out of the Country. “In the months leading up to this week’s registration deadline, Renee LaPlant has registered voters in the Blackfeet Nation in northwest Montana wherever she can: at grocery stores, public events or even at people’s homes on the Native American reservation. Each time she registers new voters, she asks whether they will want her to collect their completed ballot and turn it in to their local county clerk and recorder’s office or courthouse”. LaPlant, an organizer for Western Native Voice, a local nonpartisan social justice group. “If you’re worried about it, I can take care of that process for them.” This is called Voter Harvesting
  8. Others issues that came to the forefront were the Missoula Voting Machines that “broke” at a crucial time and they “discovered” 10,000 more Ballots. The absentee ballots were not scanned by Missoula Co., as state law restricts when absentee ballots can be counted; meaning the circumstances that resulted in votes still being counted days after the Nov. 6 election aren’t likely to change anytime soon, according to Associated Press interviews with election officials across the state. Missoula Co. had a population of 56,000 on the 2010 Census and in 2018 50,000 ballots were cast. All very suspicious.
  9. With the Reservations consistently voting with the Democrats, total Ballots cast 40,000 for a total population in 2010 of 62,555. And the registered voters tallied at 60,000 in 2018 . I think the difficulty being percentages like that will have to be verified by the Census in 2020 and as all Native Americans have been accountable to the Census because this determines Money allotment to the Reservation. Native American reservations are among those hard-to-count areas present in Montana. Native Americans were under-counted in the 2010 census by about 5 percent, according a post-count survey. This year they are very worried about the count.
  10. For the GOP issues going forward some main topics come to mind. Are we doing the best we can in Montana to defeat the Democrat Machine with great Candidates and clear issues, or is it Big Lobbyist Money, Big Federal BLM Lands and Out of State ownership of Large areas adjacent to Tribal Lands; A booming economy that places Mineral and Oil Wealth as important economic factors; changing demographic of age, education and minority voters *Demographic Map*; the more important Tourism (Hunting and Fishing) and home and land acquisition by those from outside the state; or are we being targeted by the DNC for something completely different?

Like the Missing Native American Women and Children from the Reservations that are perhaps fueling an often talked about but never resolved reason for their disappearance? Why isn’t the FBI allowed on Tribal Land to Investigate?

These issues are being explored right now and our forthcoming reports will start to make clear that Montana has many things that the Democrats want.. and votes are their way of securing these commodities even if it means Voter Fraud and collusion to get it.


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From the Tip-line: Serious Questions About Voter Fraud Surround the 2018 Election of Jon Tester
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