Capitol Whispers               February 21, 2019



Governor Steve Bullock spent the long weekend in Iowa, making speeches for audiences across multiple cities and towns in the Midwestern state. Traveling with his chief of staff and state communications director, the governor marked the weekend holiday as his fifth visit to the state in the last year.

Although Bullock has not yet announced his candidacy, it is assumed that pursuit of his presidential aspirations is the reasoning behind all the Iowa trips. Big Sky Values PAC, formed by Bullock in mid-2017, is said to be paying for Bullock’s chartered plane and his “extracurricular political activities”.  The PAC had raised nearly $1.4 million in the last year, already spending about $1.1 million of that amount.

Montana tax payers have to wonder-is the PAC paying the salaries of the multiple staff members while they’re away from their official office post? Or will the PAC, at minimum, hire a replacement governor to do the work Bullock’s assigned to do while he’s away chasing his presidential dreams?

Bullock Back on the Road
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