Capitol Whispers                    February 21, 2019



1. Significance to election of Tester

Voter Harvesting on Crow Reservation and Blackfeet by the group Western Native Voice

2. Huge Investment by Democratic Party into Montana

Ballotpedia states Montana has $21.33 per capita of funds for Elections 3rd Nationwide!

Tester spent $17,946,600.61 Funded by out of state “Open Society” associated organizations.

Significance of Funding Organizations

Soros’ money specifically targeted voter mobilization efforts of racial minority groups that exhibit racially polarized voting patterns and can be counted on to support Democrats.  For example, the “Democracy and Power Fund” was established to “inspire the participation of people of color, immigrants, young people, and low income people (like the Native Americans)


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From the Tip-Line: Undercover Investigation: 2018 Election Fraud – 2nd Report
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