New York and Montana: two states that, upon initial thought, don’t have a thing in common. One is home to the nation’s biggest, most bustling and active city; the other is the fourth largest state in the U.S.,  with a largely laid-back attitude. The two territories were never directly associated in the public’s mind, at least not to any mentionable degree.

Now, that’s changed. Recent headlines, and the shortcomings of Steve Bullock’s actions, now have lead most Americans to associate the two with Kevin O’Brien, a serial sexual-harasser. It seems that the Montana Governor, and former Democratic Governors Association chairman, Steve Bullock, is under fire from New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio. The New York mayor is openly upset that Bullock’s office did not disclose the fact that his former top aide, Kevin O’Brien, had been fired from the DGA over claims of sexual harassment in December 2015.

O’Brien, who began working for de Blasio in early 2016, was fired from the mayor’s office over sexual harassment complaints in 2017. The reason for the dismissal though, was kept largely under wraps, due to the charged “Me-Too” environment that has permeated politics in recent years. The New York Times, after uncovering the repeat claims, has brought the scandal back into the spotlight.

Bullock, who, in 2015, was completely aware of the harassment- caused termination, chose to stay quiet when O’briend was being placed as top aide for  de Blasio’s office. His justification, as cited by an official from his press office, stated that , “Bullock believed that O’Brien would not harass women again after his firing from the Democratic Governors Association.”

Now, because of Bullock’s dismissal of O’Brien’s actions, two more women have been harassed. Because of Bullock’s silence on his prior employee’s spotted history, the self-admitted offender was able to continue to use his position of power to exert uncomfortable force against women in the office, all while getting paid on the public’s dime. Because of Bullock’s lack of judgment, America at large now associates Montana with a lying governor who thinks that sexual harassment is no big deal when it comes to holding a government position.

Sexual Harassment: Steve Bullock is Part of the Problem, Not Part of the Solution
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One thought on “Sexual Harassment: Steve Bullock is Part of the Problem, Not Part of the Solution

  • November 18, 2019 at 12:06 am

    Can’t really blame Steve Bullock. You’d think with all that money and power he’d have a girlfriend less ugly than Maggie O’Leery.

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