Montana sure is a beautiful state.  With its glacier-fed rivers, towering mountain peaks, world-class wildlife and 8 National Parks, Montana would seem to have something for everyone.  Well, criminals enjoy the finer things in life as much as common folk; and the criminal element has been around Montana ever since it went from a Territory to a State way back in 1889.

    You see, Montana is rich with natural resources.  I don’t mean everyday natural resources like a puddle in your back yard; we’re talking about resources that the average fella would call really important.  You got your oil, your silver, your timber, your gold, your copper…well, you get the point. Where there is lots of money, there is lots of crime; it kinda goes hand-in-hand.  The good news for you all is that there are still some good people out West here who are willin’ to take a stand for what’s right and meet the criminal element head-on…that’s where we come in.

   At Capitol Whispers, we don’t stand for no bull.  We seek out and investigate those so-called leaders who seem to think that the political system in Montana is their fancy playground, while spending all of our hard-earned money and worse.  Well, we have just plain had enough and we’re taking action.  Now all work and no play makes one pretty dull, so we will ease-up every so often to poke fun at the current knuckleheads in power…I guess they call it Satire these days. 

   So, buckle-up and get ready for a ride.  And if you’re a criminal politician in Montana, you just might want to adjust your rear-view cause’ we’re a comin’